School Council

Welcome to Treloweth from the School Council. We hope you enjoy looking at our section of the website.

Our Promise

We promise to be reliable, united, honest and caring. We promise to work together to make sure that the children feel safe, proud and are happy to be part of Treloweth.

What we want others to think about the school council

We decided on what we thought other people would want from a school council. These are only a few of the ideas and we think that we will add to these as the year progresses. Our list:

  • Worthwhile;
  • People can rely on us;
  • Proud of our school;
  • That the children have a voice;
  • Dependable;
  • Friendly.

How we are voted in

At the start of the year we all prepared a speech and delivered it to the rest of our class. After all the speeches were heard our class voted for the person who they wanted to be school councillor.



Our Rules

During the first session we decided on the ground rules for our meetings. We decided on the following:

  • We respect everyone;
  • We listen to each other’s view and opinions;
  • We only speak when it is our turn;
  • We are polite and behave well to all members.

How the School Council works

We gather and share ideas by having regular meetings. We ask our class members what they would like to happen/change. We always share what has happened at the school council meetings with class members. We value and include everyone’s opinion, even if it different from our own.

We work hard to try and change things and make them happen. To date we have changed and improved:

  • The lunch choices for the summer menu;
  • The appearance of the school council;
  • Views on Golden Time;
  • Deputy Head interview questions;
  • Drawn up questions for the school magazine interviews.