Wellbeing Award

As you might have read in the national and local news, mental health of young children is high priority for numerous support services, although these support services are harder to access as a result of high demand. As part of the wider work of the Pastoral Team, we have decided to embark on the exciting task of working towards the ‘Well-Being Award For Schools’. This is a national accreditation and will help us to ensure that we are providing the best support to children, our families and the school as a whole. Part of the award process was to gather the thoughts and feelings of children, parents/carers and staff. A big thank you for those who returned the questionnaire.  Below are the areas that the Wellbeing Team will be working towards and how we aim to achieve them over the coming months to make the provision even better.

Action plan objectives for parents/carers:

1.      To make a display board area for parents and carers. 

This will contain various information on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle not only physically but mentally.

2.    To plan a wellbeing week.

There will be a wellbeing being week in the summer term for children and parents.

3.    To make the roles and responsibilities of the Pastoral team clear.

There will be regular updates and reminders of what the pastoral team are doing and how to contact them.

Action plan objectives for children:

1.      To implement a worry box in each class.

We as a school will purchase worry monsters/boxes for each class.  The children are able to write down their worry and place it in the worry monster.  Research has shown that this reduces anxiety and improves wellbeing.

2.    To teach the children about wellbeing and mindfulness.

This is part of the PSHE curriculum however, there will be a higher emphasis on wellbeing during lessons and assemblies.

3.    To create quiet areas/zones in the playground.

We will create quiet areas/zones for the children to access during playtimes.  The children will be asked about what they would like to have in these areas.

Action plan objectives for staff:

1.      To make staff more aware of the Wellbeing award.

Several staff meetings and training sessions have been booked for staff to attend.

2.    The school offers good quality support for all members of staff.

There will be a designated group of staff that will be available for staff to talk to if they have concerns for themselves or another member of staff.

3.    Staff to have the knowledge and skills to address emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Several staff meetings and training sessions have been booked for staff to attend.

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